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Our Fantastic Fitness App

I have been a regular gym goer for the last 18 months. Training 2-3 times a week most weeks, then having the odd week off. It is only in the last 6 months have I really seen big improvements.

So, what changed the most in the last 6 months?

That’s easy I started using my fitness app. All my workouts are loaded on to the app, as are my meal plans.

Every time I go to the gym, which is now a minimum of 3 times a week I follow my training plan on my phone. I record my sets, my reps and my weights so I can track and monitor my performance.

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So how do I get the app?

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Firstly make sure have signed up on the website. Once you have signed up you will be sent an email with details for the app.

You can download the app to your mobile on Apple or Android so you have no excuses. Wherever you are you can access to the app so you can train, workout and eat healthy.

We have also created a desktop version on our website so you can use at home on the big screen.

Most people that fail at the gym (apart from lack of motivation!), is that they don’t have a plan! You go to the gym, do your exercises, lift your weights and tend to stick with it.

Firstly, well done as you are halfway there, you have made it to the gym or you are at home starting to workout, training and improving your overall health.

So in order for you not to fail you need a good workout plan, but you also need one that you can follow. A plan that allows you to update your progress and track your results.

Workout and Nutrition Plans

We have put together some great free workouts for you preloaded to your app.

On top of that we have some free workouts that have been put together by some of Malta’s top Gyms, Athletes, Personal Trainers and Nutritionists so you can achieve all your fitness goals.

We will also offer some premium workout and nutrition plans that you can download through the app for those of you that want to get more from your workouts and want to see real results!

These workouts will be targeted to your specific goals and ability. We will feature beginner, intermediate and advanced workouts and tailored to the equipment available to you.

The same with Nutritional plans, as we all know ‘abs are made in the kitchen‘, we have several Nutritionists on board to create personalised meal plans for you.

We will be adding new Workouts, Training Programs and Nutrition plans every week. And remember you can also create your own.

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100 Push up Challenge
Create Your Own Workout
Male Muscle Gain MEAL PLAN
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Is it easy to use?

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Record your results after each set and use the built in timer between each set to ensure the right amount of rest time between each exercise.

If you want to create your own workout, then deselect follow workout template and start adding your exercises. You can search for the exercise you want by name; you can choose the body part that you wish to workout and you can choose from 2000 pre-loaded exercises,

You can also check out how to do all of this by watching our video tutorials.

Now you have signed up to the website and logged in to the app you will be required to answer a few basic health and fitness questions and then you have full access to start enjoying the workouts.

Select the workout that you wish to complete, or simply create your own workout.

Each exercise is explained in detail on how to complete the exercise and what muscles you are working. Alongside each exercise is a short video clip demonstrating the exercise so you can easily see how to complete it.

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The app really is my best friend!

The app really is my new best friend!

I started out by recording my workouts and tracking my progress, this gave me the needed structure to my training sessions.

After a couple of months, I was enjoying my initial progress but I wanted to see better results, so I changed my workouts and planned my whole week in advance by creating a full program.

My program is working great, I have dedicated days to my target muscle groups. A day for Quads & Hams, a day for Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and a day for my Back, Traps and Biceps. I also have dedicated days for my Running, Rowing and Push up programs as well as my daily HIIT sessions.

3 months on I am now really making great progress. Most noticeably my cardio has improved significantly. I have reduced my body fat percentage, increased my muscle mass, become faster and stronger. And best of all I feel AWESOME!

I still have a long way to go to achieve all my goals, but I am certainly enjoying my journey so far.

Keeping fit and eating healthy is a way of life and I wish you all the best in your own personal fitness journey. And please feel free to contact me personally and I will do my upmost to help you.

Jaylan Waters-Smith

Co-founder & General Bad Ass

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Jaylan Waters-Smith Co-founder & General Bad Ass
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