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So how can you help?

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There are many ways in how you can help us, firstly you can sign up as a Gyms Malta member, its completely free and always will be. Simply click sign in, register and either enter your email address or even easier just click the button and sign in with facebook.

Now you will have full access to our website you can browse, contact owners and leave reviews for every Gym, Fitness Centre and Sports club.

Find the best Healthy Eating restaurants and shop for Health Food, Supplements and where to buy the latest Sportswear and equipment.

Need a little extra help, then you can find the best Personal Trainers, Coaches and Sports specialists on the Island.

All that hard work you want to look your best so now treat yourself and browse the best Hair salons, Beauty Treatments, Barbers and Cosmetic Clinics and look as good as you feel.

Can you suggest a place?

There are so many Gyms, Sports Clubs, Healthy Eating restaurants and Events that we don’t know about yet, and new places opening every day. So please if you know somewhere please send them a link to our website and ask them to join. You can also send us their details, even just the name of the place and we will list it and do the rest.

What to help even more then why not Join our TEAM. We are a small team all with a passion for fitness and a healthier lifestyle. If you are the same and have a small amount of time to spare then we would love to hear from you.


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