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Every community has its celebrations. And ours will be in the form of races. You didn’t expect otherwise, right?

We aim to bring you closer to the wonderful sport of Obstacle Course Racing, guaranteeing fun and excitement to everyone.

We will be carefully choosing our venues, which will do justice to the beautiful sceneries in Malta & Gozo, providing a mix of both natural and man-made obstacles. Still, they will test what you’re made of. There will be different categories. We are very proud to be the first to introduce even more categories, ensuring that every participant finds his niche. From the elite athlete to the novice weekend runner, those that are highly competitive to those that simply want to get off their couch and experience something different, everyone will have the chance to compete with others alike.

Elite. Enthusiast. Open. In which category do you fall?

Are you in it just for the fun? Are you a fitness beast who trains just never stops training? Are you somewhere in between? Do you want to win the title?



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