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To understand the ideas and concepts behind what Pash really is, one needs look no further than it’s owner , his father was a simple farmer and hawker who grew his business until he became a large importer of fruit and vegetables in Malta, working from the ground up to achieve success. After moving to Australia he came back and founded his company which quickly grew into a major business, all achieved through hard work, dedication and patience. He looks up to his father in this regard and draws inspiration from his father’s stalwart spirit.

The process behind this success works not only for business but for the self too and is one of the many inspirations of Pash. He suffered a debilitating back injury in his youth, bringing his life to a screeching halt, however rather than let it weigh him down he too rose to the occasion and through yoga, exercise and a healthy diet he broke the boundaries of his limitations, becoming a major force in Malta’s cycling scene and even winning local championships in cycling, pushing himself to ever greater heights and laughing in the face of his disabilities.



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