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Our members are our community, a community made up of those of us who love watching or taking part in sports. A community who like to hit the gym, workout, lift weights or train for a marathon. A group of us who want to improve ourselves and our well-being, try something new, try something challenging. A hub for those of us who want to be surrounded by like-minded people, people who will support them and help them achieve their goals, their partners goals or their children’s.

If you are already using a Gym, a member of a Sports club or have a personal trainer. Do you like to eat out in healthy restaurants, shop healthy and add vitamins and supplements into your lives. Always want to look your best and spend money on hair and beauty treatments, shop for the latest sportswear and equipment then please show your support, sign up and leave a review for your gym, sports club or favorite Healthy Eating Restaurant.

And if you not already involved, new to the Island or looking for new experiences then you are in the right place to find your perfect Gym, Health center or Swimming club. Search for the best Personal Trainers, Sports clubs and Events all reviewed by you the Gyms Malta Community.

Santa Venera Taekwondo
Jaylan Waters-Smith gymsmalta

With the support of the big gyms, fitness clubs, restaurants, hair and beauty, cosmetic clinics, sports shops, Sponsors, and most importantly you, we can help grow the Gyms Malta Community and make this happy, fun loving, positive, empowering place to help promote sports and healthy eating on our fantastic Island.

Thank you for being part of our Community

Jaylan Waters-Smith, Co-founder